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About Joseph and Rachel

The heart behind JavaJoe

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Anyone who knows Joseph and his wife, Rachel, know that they have been involved in many different endeavors over the years.  Married since early 1990, the couple first started in business together while raising six wonderful children “as unto the LORD” Jesus Christ.  Taking their King James Bible beliefs and principles seriously, they decided to always put Christ first in all that they do.  They don’t take it for granted, that Christ died for their sins; yet not just theirs, but the whole world!  They have determined to live for Jesus Christ, to make Him their Lord and Savior, and to do their best to preach this basic Gospel truth to others.

You may ask, what does this have to do with coffee?

New beginnings in life are equated to a new day.  The old is put behind us as we awake each morning.  We forget what lies behind and look on to what challenges are ahead.  But, first things first, new days are always best started with a fresh, hot cup of coffee.


However, not everyone drinks coffee, and in the past, Joseph and Rachel themselves did not drink coffee.  A very good friend of theirs encouraged them to try it, just to share a cup of coffee in a social atmosphere!  After that, voila, they were hooked!  They both began to buy some of their favorite coffees in the store, and they experimented with many different creamer flavors.  What they didn’t realize is that TASTE really matters.  Then, one day, they went to a church where there was a couple who owned a local roastery and coffee shop.  Little did they know that they would soon get the bug for the taste of quality coffee.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, there IS a difference in drinking fresh, organic, fair trade, kosher coffee directly from farm growers.  This coffee shop was the bomb, and every week Joseph and Rachel would buy their one pound of coffee faithfully.  They never would have figured that buying fresh roasted coffee would taste so good!  As years passed, the coffee shop changed hands, which lead Joseph to research and try roasting coffee on his own.  Inspired by another friend, Joseph bought his own roaster, studied and went to school, which led to a passion for roasting coffee.


Once having launched several batches of home-roasted coffee beans, Joseph began to distribute them to friends and family who told him how good it tasted.  Since then, Joseph has purchased a commercial coffee roaster and roasts all his coffees as an enjoyable hobby and small business.  If interested, please click on SHOP to see all options, which include home delivery and mailed bi-weekly subscription services.

So, please keep us in mind for all your floor restoration needs, and instead of drinking stale, flat, burnt coffee, don’t hesitate to reward your palate with Ocala’s BEST fresh roasted organic coffee from JavaJoe!



Our daughter Shana drew the concept from Joseph’s idea about two coffee mugs inside the letter J - one with beans and the other a brewed cup of coffee. The coffee bean and cherry at the top represents the original state and final product since the coffee bean is essentially the seed of the coffee cherry.

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