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Making Coffee

Ahh… You just got back home from the store and decided to open a can of your favorite premium coffee you just purchased.  You just couldn’t resist to make a fresh cup of stale coffee.  WAIT A MINUTE!  Yeah, that’s right–STALE COFFEE!  NO, PLEASE DON’T DO IT!  What do you mean, what am I talking about?  Simply this, ANYTHING YOU BUY IN A STORE IS STALE COFFEE!  Got that?  ANYTHING!  Why is that?  Well, that’s a great question and one that I had to learn the hard way, too.  Normally, ground coffee stales within three to four weeks.  Most people don’t realize that most coffee sold in stores was not only ground three to nine months ago, but was roasted even longer ago.  What was the date on that can of coffee that you just bought?  Exactly, they don’t want you to know about it, so they hide it away somewhere.  You may find it eventually, but it will only serve to prove me correct.

Still, this doesn’t answer the question of why whole bean coffee is better than ground coffee.

When a coffee cherry is grown high in the mountains somewhere in the world, it’s harvested, then de-pulped to extract the cherry seed, and then that seed is dried out.  Next, it’s bagged in burlap and shipped to a large warehouse, from where it is usually sent to a large roastery for roasting.  From there, it is stored for a certain amount of time, then ground, then vacuum sealed for freshness (whatever is left, that is) in a can, bag or K-Cups.

Here is the problem: most people don’t realize that coffee, the moment it’s roasted, begins to off-gas.  That’s why you will see certain bags with breather valves in them, which allow that gas to escape.  Now, a coffee bean left in whole-bean form, keeps its essential gases for longer periods of time (two to four weeks), but then slowly stales shortly after that.  However, once ground, it completely loses its gas.  Then, shortly after that, it loses its freshness, while also, by now, sadly losing its original flavor.

As always, when entering the world of Fresh Roasted Organic Coffee, you begin to experience a coffee’s natural cherry plant “flavor notes”, and taste a unique blend of aromas that were natural.

So, the next time you choose to buy whole-bean or ground-bean, consider this information, and know that grinding your beans right before you brew them will always give you a better tasting coffee experience.  But even more, buying fresh roasted JavaJoe specialty organic beans will always be a world of difference better that you, your family and your friends will come to love so much more.  Drink up!  And yes, WOW!  There is a difference!



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